Who am I?  My name is Becca Manwaring.  I was that kid who'd clean up my friends' bedrooms when we had sleepovers (yes, really).  I would organize their toys or dolls or clothes here and there and might even quickly straiten the blankets and pillows on their bed in the morning.

You don't need a special talent or innate ability to get organized, and there isn't something fundamentally wrong with you if you're disorganized!  Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern says in her book, "Organizing from the Inside Out" (find it on my Self-Helps page), that getting organized is not a mysterious talent or a hopeless chore; it's instead a skill that you can learn and no matter how big the job, it always follows a simple process.

Some of us are born already loving organization, and all you need is one of those Organizers to come in and visit with you on your unique situation.  I love putting things in order and have taken training courses and studied on my own to organize even more effectively. 

It's hard to have someone come into your home and see what simply looks like a big mess.  I will never be judgmental; I've been in hoarder situations before!  Complete confidentiality is assured.  If it's all right with you if I take "before" and "after" pictures, or get a testimonial from you, I'll use only a first name, only initials, or nothing at all when I post those.

Organizing your space isn't boring, it's exciting!  It can help you breathe and relax and it looks great.

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